Our company was established in 1990, twenty-five years ago, by owner Ray Wallace. He decided to open his own business after reading a magazine article about how birds were the number one pet in America. Inspired, he took the risk and opened Preferred Exotic Bird Diets, knowing that no matter what happens to the economy, birds are going to have to eat! 

He started by manufacturing his own bird seed mixes. As a new business owner he had about nine of his own mixes, fortified with oils, vitamins and minerals. After having the business a few years he expanded his horizons, coming up with a few new mixes and selling single seeds and other mixes as well.

April of 2009, Ray took over Capitol Bird Supply and is still known as Preferred Exotic Bird Diets. We carry all our Preferred mixes along with all Capitol's mixes, single seeds, pigeon products, and dried fruits and veggies.

We are also a distributor for ZuPreem® and Roudybush™. We carry select products from each company. You can see a list of all the ZuPreem® and Roudybush™ that we carry on our 'Products' page. We carry cages as well, also found on the 'Products' page. You can call us at any time to special order.

We are a small family business striving to do our best. We deliver to the Northern California area. Every Wednesday we make a trip to the bay area and once a month we go to Reno, Sonora, Placerville, and Auburn.
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